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Matt Bought a Barn-Find Delorean

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The Smoking Tire

1981 Delorean, gray interior, 5-speed manual transmission, 2,118 original miles. The car has been sitting in a storage unit since 1984 and it’s now under the new ownership of Matt Farah, Smoking Tire Grand-Pooba and host of TUNED on Youtube’s DRIVE network. Matt’s been wanting one of these stainless steel beauties forever, and now that his hunt is over, he’s got a couple of plans for his new time machine. Some new heads, a beefier cam and a new fuel system will help bring the Delorean up to modern standards. While some new interior bits and pieces will be installed as well. For most of us the Delorean will always be that time machine from the Back to the Future movies, but for Farah, it means just a little bit more.

Source: TheSmokingTire.com

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