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Acura ZDX Prototype Teases Us With Shadowy Nudes

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Planned for official introduction in a few weeks at the 2009 New York International Auto Show, the Acura ZDX on display is a prototype version of the luxury 4-door sport coupe scheduled to hit dealerships later this fall. Although the teaser images released today reveal relatively little of the Acura ZDX’s actual body, and despite the fact that the ominous “luxury wagon” description conjures up foreboding images of a jade green Mercedes E350 with Michael Bolton perpetually cued up in the CD changer, Acura’s penchant for aggressive, sporty styling lends us a glimmer of hope. Thus, in a rarely seen (yet still begrudging) gesture of admiration, we’ll admit that were are intrigued by the Acura ZDX. Not only that, but we’d even go so far as to say that we wouldn’t mind seeing it enter production, provided, of course, that it maintains the upper-class STi vibe and doesn’t cross into frumpy grocery-getting territory (we’re looking at you, BMW 328i Sports Wagon).

Source: Jalopnik

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