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Acura ZDX Concept Debuts In NY As Dazzling Disappointment

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When teaser photos of the new Acura ZDX crossover concept vehicle leaked late last week, we were struck with this crazy idea that we might actually like it. Perhaps it was the result of too many hours spent secluded in our poorly-lit office hunched in front of our laptop for 20+ hours a day with little nutrition beyond amphetamines and goldfish crackers with which to sustain us, but for whatever reason, we were harboring this idea that the Acura ZDX was going to be a leather-upholstered, luxury version of the ass-hauling Subaru Impreza WRX STi. We were, of course, wrong.

Apparently intended to compete with the BMW X6 (good luck with that Acura, have you seen the X6 M?), the Acura ZDX Concept that bowed at the NY Auto Show is a prototype version of the luxury 4-door “sports coupe” that is tentatively scheduled to hit the Acura lineup around 2010-11. Although the specifications are always subject to change, the design language of the ZDX prototype is just unexciting enough to indicate that the final production model will likely differ very little. Beneath the hood, the Acura ZDX prototype is powered by an aluminum VTEC V6, the specifications of which Acura has decided to withhold for the time being, but rest assured that it will most likely be as uninspiring as the rest of the vehicle.

Source: Acura

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One Response

  1. acura fan says:

    seems like the acura rdx gives better performance and better looks than the acura zdx..it is definitely a disappointment..