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Abu Dhabi Police Falcon Motorcycle Rocks the Casbah

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Abu Dhabi Police Bring Out the Force for Barbican Turbo Festival

If you haven’t had a chance to see the hundreds of youtube videos of bored Middle Eastern dudes with too much money to spend doing insane stunts on sandy roads, then perhaps this wild custom motorcycle commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Police Department and built by Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers fame won’t make much sense. To be frank, even if you have, it might not. Car culture and conspicuous consumption have been exploding in the oil-rich Gulf nations, and the Abu Dhabi “Barbican Turbo” car show is a sign of the times.

sheik 1

The Abu Dhabi police hope that the bike will help them bond with the public at large, and is set to go on a full-on tour of the city, surrounded by a full police escort, as part of an outreach campaign (as opposed to the usual police outreach involving water cannons, rubber bullets, and healthy applications of riot batons). In addition to the Falcon bike, there will be a European Drift Championship, a show car competition (with, interestingly enough, prizes provided mostly by Swiss travel companies), a “United Arab Emirates National Dyno Shoot-Out” engine challenge, and a Marc Ecko graffiti competition. It sounds wild and improbable, and sort of makes me wish I had a few million in oil wealth so I could go play in the sand with the sheiks and their cars.


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