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A Waste Of A Porsche

Posted in Porsche by Robert | June 1st, 2008 | 14 Responses |

Porsche 356

I’m not entirely sure what kind of Porsche this is (a Porsche 356?), but what a waste!

Pulled out of a Russian lake:

Rusted Porsche 356

Rusted Porsche 356 2

Rusted Porsche 356 3

Rusted Porsche 356 4

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14 Responses

  1. Yup, it’s a Porsche 356. I thought it was pulled out of a farmers pond in the midwest US though?

  2. Man, what a waste. Its alright though, nothing that a little bondo wont fix! Good pictures, thanks for sharing.


  3. jonson roth says:

    927? or 944, maybe. I’ve seen both but can never remember which is which

  4. Guyon says:

    You scared me, I thought you were saying the Porsche in the first picture was a waste. But yes it’s a 356. The 944 was a hatch, and I don’t think the 927 existed.

  5. V6nside says:

    927??? No such thing
    944, are you kidding, they came out in 1982 till ’91
    The 356 was made until 1965

  6. Redding Cars says:

    Sad, What a waste of a beautiful car. Makes you wonder if they found bones in it, You would think if the driver lived he would have pulled it out.

  7. robert saint amour says:

    this is the very best place you can put a porsche

  8. shawn says:

    where did you get your info and russia? this story was all over the automotive blogs and it was in the midwest, you can clearly see the ford van in the upper corner…doubt there are many ford vans in russia!

  9. bob saget says:

    Russian lake?…. no…. if i recall correctly it was a Wisconsin pond.

  10. Hannibal says:

    This is a Porsche 356C (last 356) from 1964 or 1965, as I see.

  11. Jackson says:

    The t-6 body 356c are the least valuable 356s today but they were the best 356s made. At least it wasn’t a 356 based Carrera 2 or a speedster.

  12. Mike says:

    This is the RSR lightweight model they made in limited numbers for racing applications. This technique reduced body weight significantly but was soon outlawed by the race sanctioning groups.

  13. David Fredericks says:

    I have this model Porsche 356C T6 coupe and hope that she never gets this nasty treatment.