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A True Zero-Emission Car: You Need Wal-Mart

Posted in Alt Fuels, Newsworthy, Solar Cars by Vito Rispo | August 29th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

A new Sam’s Club Solar Kiosk

Cars like the Tesla Roadster are 100% electric, but that doesn’t mean they’re Zero-Emissions. You have to get the electricity you need to re-charge them from somewhere, and the main source for grid electricity in the US? Coal. So to power your super clean Tesla Roadster, you have to burn a bunch of coal. Makes it less appealing, doesn’t it?

Well, in California, being a smug eco/electro-driver just got a little easier, and from a company you’d never expect: Sam’s Club, aka Wal-Mart.

In nine California Sam’s Club stores: Corona, Murrieta, Glendora, Ontario, La Habra, Chino, Long Beach, Fountain Valley, and Torrance, there will be so called Home Efficiency Centers where consumers can learn about where they can buy various eco-friendly house fixtures, mainly solar panels.

The kiosks will hook consumers up with established solar sellers and installers including Borrego Solar and BP Solar. The kiosks also offer $100 off every kilowatt of installed solar power. Now, the economics of solar power may not be there yet, but if you want a 100% eco-friendly car, just hook up your new solar panels (from Sam’s Club) to your new Tesla Roadster, and you’re all set.

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