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A Tornado in Queens? Yep, now I’ve seen everything.

Posted in Crashes, Death Wish by MrAngry | September 18th, 2010 | 1 Response |

I’ve seen many many things in my 38 years here in the Big Apple. I’ve seen blackouts, terrorist attacks, muggings, beatings, bitch-slappings as well as a host of other man made mayhem. One thing however that I didn’t expect though was a tornado ripping through my neighborhood of Flushing, Queens. This past Thursday evening at 5:31 pm I was sitting on my couch playing a little Forza Motorsports III on my XBOX 360 when all of a sudden it started to rain. The rain started calmly enough but then after about 3 minutes it started to get pretty hairy, so hairy in fact that I actually removed myself from the sofa and went to the window to check out what was going on outside.

First there was rain and then came some pretty wicked thunder and lightening, all of which I’m pretty accustom to, but the wind, well… that’s something that caught me completely off guard. The next 6 minutes brought fourth a wind storm the likes of which I have never witnessed in person. As I stood by my window I witnessed massive old oak trees literally ripped from the ground taking portions of the concrete sidewalks with them. Garbage cans, kids toys and literally anything that was left outside by the surrounding neighbors was simply swept away in the wind, it was complete havoc.

After the winds and rains subsided I walked outside to survey the neighborhood and what I saw on my excursion was simply amazing. Trees were down everywhere, cars crushed and houses were majorly damaged. Now I’d expect this in say Kansas, but in Flushing, Queens not so much. I think now I can safely say that as a life long New Yorker I have finally seen everything.

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One Response

  1. Anthony says:

    I live in middle village and i never expected to see soo much destruction..i had no power for 2 days! Glad my car survived unharmed!