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A Speed Racer Opponent’s Car Takes the Stage in Tokyo Reveal

Posted in Auto Show, Movie Cars by will bee | January 17th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

supergt300-5.jpg picture by willfusion

As the Speed Racer’s Mach 5 receives plenty of gawking in Detroit one of his opponents cars gets it’s own staging area at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The futuristic racing car pictured above is actually a fine product placement from an winning racing team in Japan. The Autobac’s Racing Team Arguri (ARTA) were the team and drivers champions of the 2007 series in the GT500 Class of the Japanese Super GT series. Ofcourse their actual racing car differs a great deal (obviously), the movie car does share the race teams colors, sponsors and car number.

While in person and in photos the car may appear to be a living cartoon I am sure it will seem much faster beneath the magical lights and CGI effects that the Wachowski Bros. and Warner Brothers will put it through.


Thanks for the tip, Ben.

Source[Rocket Punch via SuperHeroHype]

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