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A Sneak Peek at the 2010 Camaro’s GM Accessories

Posted in Camaro, Cars, Chevrolet, Concept Cars, Design, GM, Videos by will bee | March 28th, 2008 | 7 Responses |

2010Camaro5kits-4.jpg picture by willfusion

For some new car buyers as the decision is nearing a conclusion on what car to purchase that is when the real shopping begins. With some selective accessories and aftermarket pieces you can either turn your car into a one-of-a-kind show piece or a hideous mobile catalog that piles on accessories like my aunt piles rings onto her little ten fingers (thumbs included).

What you are in-store for below are some photos of the new 2010 Camaro dawning some of the GM Accessories being prepared in anticipation of the cars launch next year. As with any accessories catalog some things may strike you with an immediate “Yes!” while other option choices may curdle your milk if it is sitting too close to the screen. But that is an aesthetic choice that each car owner makes and thus may┬áreceive or suffer the praise or ridicule of their friends for.

While we make no claims on the legitimacy of these photos (Adobe Photoshop leaves us all as skeptics), they do provide further teasers to fuel the imagination of what can be with the 2010 Camaro.
Take a look at the Gallery after the leap and then check out the video from GM’s Accessories division for more information about how they come up with their products.


Source[Camaro5 via Jalopnik]

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7 Responses

  1. I didn’t think you could make it look more aggressive.

  2. Michel Lavictoire says:

    Im a Camaro fan,i own a 1978 Z28,both my brothers have one also.But the 2010 Model will be the most outstanding sports car of all the Camaro’s.This is a mean lookin,eye catching,head turning,super car.Whoever desinged this car needs a huge raise.Congrats guys.

  3. Paul Legato says:

    Great looking car, but, at first glance, it looks like a duded up mustang. I think I will buy whichever costs less -this (maxed out), or the shelby gt 500.

  4. i love them n i have been a camaro fan since i was 12 yrs. old n i have had 2 3rd gen. camaros one was a 82 indy 500 w/ the 305 crossfire it was a great car n i had an 87 iroc-z 28 n it had the 5.7(350) tpi n it was fast n balls n i loved it need fine money so i had to sale it that was the hardest thing i had to do now these new style came out n it got me blow away i wish so bad to drive one to see how they drive cuz the look got me hooked n cant wait til there out n hope to owen one very soon but it seems that there never gone to come out but when they do i want one i need one i just got to have one its got to look like the red ss w/ the ground effects n wing n rims this one on the page yes sir !camaros friend leonard j louchart

  5. shelly patterson says:

    I own every generation of Camaro, and I just received my 2010 blk/blk SS and I LOVE HIM!!!!! They did right by us loyal to the tie. I love the looks, handling, and simply that it was produced. I hope that they continue with the convertible next year, maybe even the Z28. I will be waitin’ in line.

  6. Guyon says:

    I envy you ^^^