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A Prius goes Unplugged with Solar Paneled Recharge System

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Electric Cars, Emissions, Hybrid, Toyota by will bee | August 7th, 2007 | 1 Response |

The Toyota Prius is like the Environmental Punching Bag that many devoted Greenies are testing electric ideas upon. It is not a bad position to be in for Toyota or the Prius. New ideas breed new possibilities and feeds the hope that a viable solution is out there. While all the hub-bub gives Toyota and its Prius plenty of word of mouth and builds the Prius as the Authority of Driving Green.

We already have the 100+ Mileage Club for the Prius and their massive battery banks, the new Plug-in Prius being tested by Toyota in Japan, and now we have the Solar Prius to sample.

Greg Johanson and his Solar Electrical Systems company produces the Solar Kits for the Prius that reportedly allow for a 40-mile commute to occur in all-electric mode. However, to keep out of gas mode you have to remain in the 40-45 mph range which may not work in all commute situations. Just the same it is at least a step in some direction. Watch the videos to see more of the Greg Johanson and the Solar Prius.

What you do not find in those videos are hard numbers to prove that, in this case, the Joules are worth the squeeze. And the best and worst part about any tecnology involving cars and the environment and electricity brings out the all the Eco-Geeks and their arguments for or against it. Take the leap to Eco-Geeks.com and scan throught the series of comments that have built up after one short article concerning the Solar Prius.

So where do you stand on the concept of a Solar Prius and Electric cars? Where do you see the automobile in the future?

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