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A Ninja For the Aged But Not Yet Retired

Posted in Bizarre, Motorcycle, Pictures, Sportbikes by Chris | July 27th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Yes, it seems that bikers aren’t the only ones with mid life crisis. The thing is, though, is that a Corvette comes with a nice cozy seat to rest your potbelly and arthritic back, whereas a sport bike is all scrunched up and bent over. Not good for long distance touring. Unless you’re stubborn and rather inventive, in which case, you get what you see above–a Ninja outfitted for leisure and relaxation.

More commentary following the jump.

Of course, you will notice that there are no comfy accommodations for the rider’s feet, nor are there any handlebar risers which would undoubtedly be necessary to steer counter-steer in a reclined position.

It’s a nice laugh (albeit a very small one) but hopefully no one reading this has gotten their hopes up and wallets out. Gullible idiots shouldn’t ride bikes. Except as a form of population control.

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