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A new car for under $3,000, is this possible?

Posted in General by davidallen | April 13th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

There is a real effort going on to design, build and bring to the marketplace a car that will cost less than $3,000, this is no joke or marketing scam to get potential buyers interested who later find out that their $3,000 only pays for the body and the rest are optional extras, this is the real deal.


The car giant Renault-Nissan is taking this very seriously as they opened a new plant in India they announced that there would be a future model that touched the $2,500 figure, this free fall to the bottom end of the car market has begun because of the Indian auto maker TATA have for some time been working on a sub $3,000 car and if all accounts are correct this car will be ready to go on sale as early as next year and will have a starting price tag of $2,500, unbelievably as it may seem.


The move by just two large auto manufacturers could actually change the whole car marketplace, this is very similar to the ideas of both Ford with the Model T and VW with the peoples cars the Beetle, should a car become available for a mere £2,500 there will be a massive increase in vehicle ownership, obviously these cars are not going to compete with the other cars in that market segment but there will be people willing to sacrifice something in order to buy a brand new car for such a low price, it will be very interesting to see how this develops and most of all how the car stands up to the critical eye of the public. I’ll have four please!

Source [Business Week]

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