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A mini record

Posted in Mini by davidallen | June 13th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Minis of all ages, shapes and sizes broke a record at Virginia Beach.

The record for the longest continuous line of minis being driven along a set the road was 269, this took place in the UK last year, a record that it would appear to be very hard to beat, considering the amount of space needed and the cars to get all together in one place, but of when you are talking about space then clearly the States is the place to break a record like that.


Which is exactly what has been done, 273 minis turned up at the famous Virginia Beach to begin their journey, the site must have been incredible if you can just imagine the site of that amount of minis in a continuous line driving along a single stretch of road.


The line of minis started to move in formation at one o’clock and the last mini did not get to move until two hours later, imagine a line of traffic going past your house for that amount of time, just awesome. The journey was forty minutes which meant in total that the line of cars stretched out over 5.8 miles and thus breaking the world record for the longest convoy of minis.

So the mini record should become a world record when the details are confirmed by the people at Guinness World Record HQ in London.

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