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A Maybach fit for Poppa Smurf.

Posted in Custom, Expensive Cars, FAIL, Maybach, Mercedes Benz by MrAngry | August 27th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Smurf Maybach

Ever see a fat chick in spandex, a bald guy with a comb over, or a redneck with a mullet? To the perpetrators of these fashion crimes behavior like this is completely acceptable. When out in public the stares they garner are like badges of honor as are the comments they receive from onlookers. These people revel in attention as in their minds they actually think they look appealing. The real question that one must ask however is why? I mean have they never seen a copy of GQ, Vogue or Cosmopolitan before.

Smurf Maybach

One such issue I have with individuals of this nature is that nine times out of ten they own an automobile which means their lack of good taste will most likely ravage their four wheeled companion with a vengeance. Take this smurfed-out Maybach for example that was recently spied at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco. Clad with what I hope is a one-off body kit, this hopped up luxury sedan looks as though it was attacked by a whole clan of Smurfs. Coated in a two-toned mix of gloss and matte blue paint over flared wheel arches and sunflower style rims, the mighty sedan just screams “TRAILER PARK”. If someone actually did this to a quarter million dollar car just think about what’s lurking in their closet back home… geesh…

Source: Carmagazine.co.uk

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