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A Look Back: The Pontiac Stinger Concept is soooo ’80s

Posted in Concept Cars, Pontiac by will bee | August 5th, 2007 | 1 Response |

The Pontiac Stinger is yet another concept that never saw the light of day. As with many concept it was merely a litmus test to see how the market would react to some of the built-in ideas found within the car. This is not an uncommon practice and sometimes it yields fruit and in some cases it yields diamonds. In the case of the Stinger the numerous compartments and removeables add-ons (okay, not too many removeable 2-burner grills in cars today, but many compartments), and the electronic adjustable steering wheel and gauge cluster were good designs. Also, the open cockpit and wide car stance have been mirrored in some of the Jeep concepts of the late ’90s that never came to market either.

 Ofcourse the real story is in the concept cars promotional video. For some of us who watch it now it is like a promotional time-warp for the decade that was. From the neon green to the famed ’80s California beach barbecue the following video will take you back to the days of hair-do’s you wish you could forget.

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One Response

  1. Mihdi says:

    It looks like a big hot wheels car. I do like the Talking Heads’ song being used although even that would not have been enough for a second glance at the car.