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A look back at the AMC Eagle and the mini-tank that was

Posted in Cars by will bee | July 23rd, 2007 | 1 Response |

There was a time back in the early 80’s when AWD in cars was not so familiar. Even the SUV was yet to be hatched on the American consumer. It was the AMC Eagle that brough fuel economy and AWD safety to the sedan (er, wagon) market, or so they said.
The AMC Eagle wagon holds a special place in my own history as my family found the means to burn through two of them. During those West Virginia Winter months there was never a concern that snow or ice would keep us from getting to a grocery store that was closed due to the weather (grrr). There was no form of inclimate weather that could come between our Eagle and our intended destination. However the same could not be said for those transmissions we ran through before moving on in our modern car shopping.
Nothing like a good look back to remind us why we shop for the things we do in cars. Just the same let’s take a look at what those marketing geniuses at AMC put together to get Americans excited about the then new Eagle.

A special thanks to those at Jalopnik for that reminder.

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  1. Dee says:

    LOL I remember that car.