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A List of Every Speedtrap in the Country – Thanks National Motorists Association

Posted in Politics by Vito Rispo | September 4th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

I’m a proud member of the National Motorists Association, and if you agree with some of my past articles (Red-Light Cameras, National Speed Limits), you may want to join too. They’ve been working for the rights of motorists since 1982.

They also run a few great websites in addition to their homepage, Motorists.org. One good site is LaneCourtesy.org, which advocates driver courtesy, things like staying in the right lane except to pass and getting out of a faster cars way. They have real world driving tips and links to some other related sites like DriveRightPassLeft.com.

NMA also runs the Roadblock Registry, which is a website that talks about the legality of roadblocks and lists all of the roadblock locations in the country; and The SpeedTrap Exchange which lists speedtraps all around the country. Like I said, working for the rights of motorists since 1982, the NMA is an amazing organization.

Click here to join the NMA

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