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A Hill In Spain: Chris Akrigg, Mongoose MTN team rider.

Posted in Racing, Videos by MrAngry | March 8th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Chris Akrigg

This is Chris Akrigg of Yorkshire in the UK, he’s a professional mountain bike rider for Team Mongoose and can thrash on just about anything with two wheels. His talent on a mountain bike is simply astonishing as can be seen by his domination of this downhill run in Malaga, Spain. Apparently large boulders, cliffs and or buildings mean nothing to Akrigg as he’s able to bounce over them with ease. What’s even more amazing is how painfully simple he makes it look. From sliding his bike around dirt and rock strewn corners, to tackling jumps that would most likely kill a normal rider, Akrigg possesses a sense of fearlessness that few can grasp. Oh, and just so you know, he’s also a six-time National Bike Trial Champion and not only directs, but edits all of his own videos. Not to shabby right? Head on over to ChrisAkrigg.com after the video to check out more of his videos and exploits. Trust me, it’s worth the trip.

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One Response

  1. Sofia says:

    OMG!!!! This is crazyyyyyy!!!! I would probably DIE in like 5 seconds if I tried that!
    Specially with my bike (a villycustoms.com beach cruiser) haha it’s extremely pretty but it would probably die with me if we tried that! :S

    But this is awesome :) haha