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A Gas Powered, Motorized Toilet: Mankind’s Finest Hour?

Posted in Bizarre, Cool Stuff, Other Rides, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 8th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

For those of us who really like to drive, there are few things that can get us to stop on a road trip. The call of nature, sadly, is one of them, which begs the question, why not create a vehicle that combines internal combustion with personal sanitation? That’s exactly what Australian inventor and mad genius Rick Werner thought, chalking it up to too much alcohol and too much time on his hands. I beg to differ, and offer up the opinion that the motorized toilet may be the very pinnacle of human evolution.

Werner’s motorized toilet is really more of a “proof of concept” than a function mode of transportation with an included commode. It’s also lacking an espresso maker and beef jerky dispenser, the two elements that would surely elevate Werner to Nobel-Prize-candidate. We see massive potential here, and we’ll be putting together a prospectus for our new motorized toilet company in the immediate future.

Don’t think of this as just a You Tube video; instead, it’s also a fun drinking game. Do a shot of your choice every time the Australian hosts make a bathroom joke, and you’ll be well on your way to inventing something of lasting worth in no time.

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