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A Ford GT and a Frankenferrari In The Malibu Hills

Posted in Cool Stuff, Corner Carvers, driving, Ferrari, Ford GT, Videos by Kurt Ernst | June 6th, 2010 | 1 Response |

A Ford GT and a Frankenferrari In The Malibu Hills

Matt Farrah, host of “The Smoking Tire”, has a good life. Not only is he hooked up enough to drive all the cool cars as they come out, his readers actually offer to loan him cars to drive. Like this Ford GT, for example, which Matt is driving courtesy of a Smoking Tire regular. Or the Frankenferrari, which started life as a 1968 365 GTB but was rebodied to look like a 1962 250 GTO. Or hell, the BRG Lotus Elise he’s tooling around at the opening of the video.

Sure, we get cars from manufacturers, too (though not nearly enough and not what we ask for), but I don’t know any readers who’d let us tool around in their one-of-a-kind or high dollar classic. Prove me wrong; hit me back if you have something fast from Germany, Italy or Japan and want to see me write it up on RideLust.

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One Response

  1. Cool, the vintage Ferrari is awesome! Love the sound of it.