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A Ferrari is sold for $9.3 million

Posted in Ferrari by davidallen | May 22nd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

An auction of Ferrari memorabilia held at the Ferrari headquarters has seen a massive $50 million worth of Ferrari cars sold, one car a 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI LM Testa Rosa Spyder was sold to anonymous telephone (Hopefully not the same one who won the bidding for the “General Lee”) paid €6,250,000 the final price being €6,875,000 ($9,252,375) after the auctioneers added their commissions. This make this car the most expensive Ferrari ever auctioned, but not the most expensive car, as that still belongs to the Bugatti 41 Royal Sports Coupe, which was sold way back in 1987 for $11 million!


There was of course many other products available some even had prices that us mere mortals could afford, well nearly! One lucky buyer had the good fortune to win the bidding for a set of ex F1 World Champion and Ferrari ace Michael Schumacher’s fire proof underwear, the price €551 ($742), I wonder if that was one the current F1 drivers hoping to buy some lucky fire proofs! In contrast the same item but those of Felipe Massa was sold for €575 ($774).


Of all the items that are on the list, my favourite has to be the Lot 205, The 2006 Ferrari 248 Forumla One Grand Prix Racing Car, this sold for €1,650,000 ($2,221,795), it just seems incredible that someone can buy an ex F1 racing car, I mean what do you actually do with it?

Source [Auto Blog]

Auction [RM Auctions]

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