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A BMW S1000RR Or A Nissan GT-R? What’s Faster Around Brands Hatch?

Posted in BMW, Cars, Cool Stuff, Corner Carvers, driving, General, Motorcycle, Nissan GT-R, Track Events, Videos by Kurt Ernst | September 26th, 2010 | 1 Response |

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Bike versus car videos are always interesting, because they don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. Bikes accelerate better than cars, but modern sports cars can out-brake their two wheeled rivals. Depending on the track, cars can make up a significant amount of time in corners, since there’s simply more contact between tire and racetrack. Exiting a corner, however, a bike will generally leave a car for dead.

The Nissan GTR weighs 3,828 pounds and puts out 478 horsepower, or 8 pounds per horsepower. It’ll get you from zero to sixty in 3.4 seconds, and tops out at 193 miles per hour. The BMW S1000 RR, on the other hand, weighs 396 pounds and puts out 193 horsepower, or just a hair over 2 pounds per horsepower. It’ll get to sixty from a standing start in just under three seconds, and it tops out at 192 miles per hour. I picked the S1000RR for the win, because it’s hard to argue with the power-to-weight advantage the bike has over the car. Was I right or was I wrong? Watch and see.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

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  1. Vincent says:

    Check this vid, the S1000RR vs a Gallardo and a R8