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A BMW 1-Series Hatchback in the Dakar Rally?

Posted in BMW by will bee | July 17th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

BMW 1-Series Rally Car

Take a look at a rally car with a touch of refinement implicated by its BMW 1-Series Hatchback shell. Ofcourse all that refinement will be caked over by dirt, dust and sand after they take the all-wheel drive “Trio”, as it it is called, through the rigors of the 2008 Dakar Rally in France. With the large tires and visible roll cage support this may not be an example of a BMW you would want to see rolling up behind you on a windy side road.

BMW 1-Series Rally Car

Besides the 1-Series shell this rugged rally car has only one other similarity with any BMW line and that is in the 6-cylinder 3.0 liter turbo-diesel engine. While the reported horsepower being delivered from the BMW diesel is 265 the torque for the similar baseline engine in the BMW X5 puts out a pleasing 428 ft.lb. Once the “Trio” is in the Dakar Rally very little of the BMW facade will be on the minds of the driver and navigator. Some samples of their exchanges will more resemble, “Left turn” “Right turn” “Go straight” “Crap!” In the mean time, up until the rally, there is yet another BMW on four-wheels to bring a little more focus on the BMW 1-Series.

Go to AutoBlog.com to check out the other pictures of the “Trio” rally car.

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