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Grandma Goes Out With A Bang In Her ’09 Challenger

Posted in Dodge, Fast Cars, muscle cars, Newsworthy, Roads, Street Racing, Traffic, Travel by Suzanne Denbow | October 16th, 2008 | 1 Response |

In Broward County, FL, 90-year-old Maria Brunetti went out with some mother fucking style (yes, the expletives were completely necessary) when she wrecked her brand new, 2009 Dodge Challenger. At the time of the accident, the ’09 Challenger only had 151 miles on the odometer, and Brunetti’s family explained the car had been Maria’s gift to herself in honor of her 90th birthday last Friday. According to authorities, Maria lost control of her sick whip when she accelerated instead of braking through a turn, running the car into a concrete light pole. Although both Maria and her passenger, son Peter Brunetti, were pulled from the fiery wreckage, Maria unfortunately did not survive. She does, however, leave behind a rich personal legacy as well as her distinction as the most kickass grandmother on the planet. RideLust respectfully tips our hat to you, Maria Brunetti. Source: FOXNews.com

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