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Slow-Mo Slams… Skateboard Style

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Skate Board Slams

When your 6’4″ and 245 lbs. there are certain things that you simply do not do. Bouncing on a trampoline for instance is generally never a good idea, nor is dancing, bull riding or bungee jumping. Skateboarding though, well that used to be a passion of mine, however after seeing this video I’m not sure I’d like to venture out on one of those wheeled planks again. Like every sport, it’s not so much the speed that will get you, but that sudden stop at the end when you impale yourself into the pavement. I’ve been there and done that and quite honestly, I’d prefer not to go back down that road. The guys in this video though are young, and from the looks of this video, lack the intelligence of an old man like me that helps with self preservation. Be warned, even though some of these falls are in slow motion they’re still pretty awful to watch.

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