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650 Horsepower Mini Cooper S Spanks A Blown E92 BMW M3

Posted in BMW, Corner Carvers, General, M Series, Mini, Racing, Track Events, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 11th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Paul Walker Races 650hp Mini Cooper in Supercharged BMW M3

Even Paul Walker, Mr. Fast and Furious himself and driver of the AE Performance BMW M3, couldn’t keep up with a 650 horsepower ABF Performance Mini Cooper S at Willow Springs. The Mini is stupid fast and seems to walk away from the M3 at will.

The cars were competing in the Redline Time Attack series and weren’t actually racing against each other, which is why the Mini slows at 3:00 to let the BMW by. Cars run front to back and change positions after each lap, allowing the lead driver to focus solely on reducing his lap times. Cool vid to watch, and I’d much rather be behind the wheel of the M3. A Mini Cooper S with 650 horsepower to the front wheels isn’t exactly my idea of a good time on a racetrack.

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