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500 Cars Recalled by Volvo for Loose Shifter Problem.

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Volvo Recall

Back in 1990 there was a movie released called “Crazy People” that starred Dudley Moore as an automotive advertising executive who has a nervous breakdown. He then checks himself into a mental institution where he convinces the other patients to write new ad slogans to help him retain his job. One such slogan was, “Volvo’s, they’re boxy, but they’re good”. For some reason when I think of Volvo’s this is the first thing that comes to mind and its partly because of their iconic 240 Sedan. It’s now 20 years later and Volvo’s aren’t so boxy anymore and while they are still very good cars it seems that they’ve had a little misfire.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that Volvo is issuing a recall for around 500 2010 and 2011 vehicles due to a problem with a faulty gearshift lever. On some 2010-11 C30 hatchbacks and 2010 S40 sedans and V50 wagons the gearshift lever assembly may not have been tightened causing it to come loose. Volvo reports that, “it may not be possible to engage, disengage or shift gears,” which could obviously result in the higher risk of a crash. So, if you happen to own one of these little Swedish not-so-boxy-anymore Volvo’s then make sure you bring it in and get it checked out.

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