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5 Video Samples of Lousy Women Parkers

Posted in General, Videos by will bee | October 18th, 2007 | 2 Responses |

This is in no way a means of seperating women drivers from men drivers by how well they drive. It is not the intention here to say that all women are bad drivers… to the contrary. There are bad drivers derived from both sex’s. However, after having a small woman in a large Suburban back into the door of my Ford Mustang it seemed like a good time to look into other examples of woman drivers who are not parked car friendly.

The first example we will label Passionate Deniability. She is the type that at a Psychological examination would vehemently insist that her square peg can fit through that round hole. Thus pounding on it with her mallet until there was either a new hole formed or a square peg shredded. Watch her insistence that her car will fit.

This second example we will call the Mis-directional Creeper. Her Inch-Worm tactics leave much to be desired and should only be viewed on high-speed film. Imagine suffering the long wait in the passenger seat of her car as she creeps ever so slightly back and forth and yet never gets closer to the curb.

For our third example helmets are in order because they are the Stunt Drivers. For these parkers some how the gas pedals seems to sticks and ramps come out of nowhere just like on the Dukes of Hazard (…back in the Day!). …and you thought they made the 5-point harness for race car drivers.

For our Fourth example we will have to refer to her as Left Turn Lucy. This poor parking lot Lucy lives by the rule… try, try again. Reminds me of a certain acquaintance of mine who only makes right turns because she is afraid to cross traffic. But this Left Turn Lucy certainly takes the cake.

Our Fifth example is our Gate Crasher. This seems to be the reason they removed human attendants from the entrances of gates… safety concerns. They live by the philosophy that if you cannot bring the parking ticket to them then they will bring themselves to the parking ticket. The most amusing part (to me at least) is that when she gets out of the car she still does not grab a parking ticket.

So those are our 5 examples of lousy women drivers and their poor parking tactics. But to show that I am not biased there will be a bonus video of Stupid Boy driver. Really was not sure whether to call him Hood Ornament Boy or Cheese Gradder Boy but watch the video and you can decide for yourself. Maybe he just felt challenged by the garage gate and thought he had to step-up.

And finally, one last video just to show you an example of how parking lot rage can go too far. This is an excerpt from the Fox show Malcolm in the Middle. This is a mother that has been pushed over the Parking Lot Edge!

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2 Responses

  1. maddy says:

    How stereotypical and sexist you bastard.

  2. Dee says:

    How stereotypical of you to comment like that and not find the article a bit humorous. If you read the work and not just focus on the videos themselves, there is more meaning to the article rather than just making fun of females just because. The author had a bad day and reflected his article off a situation in where he found himself. I found some humorous and some drivers were just plain stupid. Myself female.. I find people everyday that can’t drive, both male and female.. I do recall he posted one of a male driver. So how sexist are you to think he’s a bastard?