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5 Minutes of Awesome: Crazy Turbo Peugeot Attacks Pikes Peak

Posted in 4x4, Car Tech, Compact Cars, Fast Cars, Favorite Cars, Foreign Cars, Movies, Off-Roading, Peugeot, Racing, Rally by Alex Kierstein | June 3rd, 2009 | 1 Response |


It’s hard to know where to start. World class rally driving by a Finn, a Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 GR hatchback, all-wheel-steering, a big mountain, and lots of award-winning footage. Climb Dance has it all. Make the jump for 5 minutes of possibly the best rally footage ever shot as Ari Vatanen charges up Pikes Peak in 1990 to break the world record.

Mmmm, tasty. This year’s hillclimb takes place on July 19th, and competitors are looking to break the 10 minute mark of 10:01 by Nobuhiro Tajima set in 2007. For comparison, Vatanen’s time was 10:47.77, in 1990. Enjoy!

[Source: Google Video]

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One Response

  1. Adam says:

    That would be so scary. Way cool camera views.