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5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Ridelust.com

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Father's Day 2010

Are you one of those people who always wait until the last minute to purchase that special gift for dear old Dad on Father’s Day? Well, if you are Ridelust.com has a list of some great last minute gift ideas that can be ordered online, by phone or purchase by simply taking a quick car ride.

1. Mobile GPS Unit:

Father's Day 2010

TomTom, Garmin, Magellan… it really doesn’t matter. If your Pop is still driving around in a 1972 Dodge Dart and uses a map to get from point A to point B then it may be time for a new mobile dash mounted GPS unit. These little suckers are great, go from car to car with no hassles and start at about $125.00 for a good beginner unit. Amazon.com is a good place to start or just take a ride to your local Best Buy.

2. Remote Controlled Car:

Father's Day 2010

Fine, go ahead and laugh but these little buggers are an absolute riot if you get the right one. First and foremost don’t be cheap with these things… your Dad will most likely want to tinker and put his new toy together so spend some coin and get him a good one. Dune buggies, hot rods, electric or gas. The remote control cars of today are packed full of technology and performance that will make the old man smile and feel like he’s 10 years old again. Try TowerHobbies.com for an online source or check your local directory for a hobby shop near you.

3. Car Wash Gift Certificates:

Father's Day 2010

Sometimes you just don’t want to drag out the hose, get the soap and wash the car in the driveway. Therefore go get Dad the gift that keeps him from doing manual labor. Head on down to your local car wash and pick him up a nice packet of 10-20 free washes. I guarantee that this is something he’ll really like… trust me on this.

4. Richard Petty Driving Experience:

Father's Day 2010

Is your Dad a Nascar fan? Has he ever dreamed of strapping into a 600 hp full blown race car and tackling the track at over 100 mph? Well, if this is the case then how about giving him that experience by heading over to the Richard Petty Driving Experience where they’ll give your Dad a Nascar experience that he’ll never forget.

5. Tool Chest:

Father's Day 2010

Most Dads have a garage full of tools that are strung out all over the place. To help Dad combat his unorganized nature how about getting him a nice new tool chest. These suckers come with ball bearing drawers, lockable cabinets and nice caster wheels that will allow him to move that sucker all over the place. Hit up Sears Online to get you pointed in the right direction.

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