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5 Inspirationally Designed Camper Vans

Posted in Vans by Ryan | February 5th, 2013 | Leave a Reply |

It’s important to decorate your living space so that it feels like home, whatever you want home to be like. Even if you spend most of your time in a camper van you can still add storage space and make it feel roomy and inviting. The following top 5 campers have really cool interior designs that you can incorporate into your own camper van.

1. A Double Duty Kitchen


Even when residing in a camper van you can still have a working kitchen. This kitchen allows users to store their stove in its special drawer when they are done using it. Items such as a tea kettle can be placed in the sink and the sink can be covered up to add much needed counter space.

2. Up High Storage Bins


These bins are a great example of van racking and are a great way to store little items such as toiletries or even undergarments. You can put ceiling high shelving up yourself and get storage bins to match the overall theme of your interior. To keep the bins from moving around when you are traveling, attach a piece of Velcro to the shelf and the bin to easily and inexpensively keep it in place.

3. Door Storage Shelves


Doors with shelves attached are a great place to store items. Shelves can be placed on the door and the items that are stored can be easily accessed whether the doors are open or closed. Things like dishtowels or kitchen accessories are the perfect items to store on shelves that are on doors. Just make sure that the placement of the shelves still allows you to access the door’s handle and locks.

4. Fun Decor


The easiest way to make a camper van feel like home is to add a fun decor. You can reupholster bench seats yourself and add matching pillows as well. Don’t forget to add a skid resistant rug to the flooring and curtains that will complement the overall interior. You can even put pictures up if you attach them to the wall securely. To make the camper van look bigger, consider using light or pastel colors that give the allusion of the space actually being larger than it is.

5. Customized Bed


You can fit a bed into your camper van by getting creative. Simply attach a bed approximately 3 feet from the ceiling to leave several feet below it for storage. You can even attach a small TV to the wall towards the front of your bed so that it feels like a bedroom.

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