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Meet the N.A.R. (North American Redneck)…

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North American Redneck NAR

The North American Redneck (N.A.R.) is a marvelous creature that possesses a set of backyard skills that few others can only dream of. Generally you’ll find these beings hanging around garages, junkyards and or any manner of institution where broken down and out-of-date vehicles can be found. In fact I’m almost certain that the N.A.R. was the inspiration for the T.V. series MacGyver, as they truly are masters of backyard machinery. The below videos highlight what can happen when the N.A.R.’s are set free in a world where wheels, tires and engines of all sizes can be found free and readily available.

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2 Responses

  1. djrosa says:

    those acually exist in sweden and are quite common on ├Âland a small island where they are sorta legal (the cops look the other way). but then those “cars” use old volvo engines and rearaxels but the principle is the same

  2. […] looking for a sure fire way to break your back, have no fear because thanks to these rednecks (N.A.R.) and a busted up old truck, we can now show you how. You see the formula is actually quite […]