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4,000 Gallons of Gas Stolen In Wisconsin, Citgo Customers Suspected

Posted in Bizarre, Fuel, General, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | August 20th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

According to WauwatosaNOW, a local news website for Wauwatosa, WI, the district manager of Open Pantry Citgo in Wauwatosa has reported that he is missing approximately 4,090 gallons – $19,374 worth – of gas.¬†Ruling out a technical discrepancy, the¬†fuel supply company responsible for delivering gas to Open Pantry Citgo apparently checked and re-checked their wiring and readout systems, finding them in perfect working order. The fuel was apparently stolen over an estimated 6 week period, from July 16 to August 13, indicating the likelihood of several, smaller transactions as opposed to one large heist. Unable to produce any other rational explanation, the local Citgo’s district manager suspects that customers were the culprits, someone devising a way to force more fuel from the pumps then should have been allotted. In related news, the majority of Wauwatosa residents apparently hold advanced degrees in mechanical engineering.

Original Story At: WauwatosaNOW.com

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