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Kia UVO (Your Voice): Kia’s Version of Ford SYNC

Posted in Auto Show, Car Accessories, Car Tech, Detroit Auto Show, Kia by Jon | January 12th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Kia has just introduced their own “infotainment” system to rival Ford’s SYNC.  The Kia UVO (Your Voice) will be extremely similar to the SYNC system as they both run off of Windows software and share many of the same high-tech features, some of which include the voice commands and ipod compatability. The big difference? UVO uses Microsoft’s latest and greatest software available, which can decifer intricate speech patterns and words that, which with previous versions such as SYNC, proved to be an annoyance.  No more screaming at a voice recognition system that only gets more confused we scream louder. However UVO was not only developed for its convenience but also for its safety aspect. Drivers will have the ability to answer phone calls verbally through UVO, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road instead of being distracted by searching for their phone.

The 4.3″ interface will be in full color that will provide information such as the contact data. UVO will be introduced as an open platform system allowing simple integration from numerous cell phones, mp3 players, and other hand-held electronic devices, making it easy for even the most technology illeterate person to use. It seems that UVO will turn out to be an easy-to-use, hands-free unit that will give Ford some competition.

Plan on seeing the UVO first revealed in the 2011 Kia Sorento this summer and seeing it available in several other models in the future.

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