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’34 Ford Ecoboost Hot Rod Challenges “No Replacement For Displacement”

Posted in auto industry, Auto Show, Car Tech, Cars, Classic, Custom, EcoLust, Emissions, Environment, Ford, Fuel-efficient, Pictures, SEMA, Videos by Suzanne Denbow | November 17th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Perhaps one of the most tired cliches in the industry is “no replacement for displacement” and while the saying if often true, it does not change the fact that after hearing it approximately 4,553 times you begin to seriously entertain the idea of committing felonious acts of assault. Such was largely the case with the repetitious argument Ford put forth at SEMA this year with their 1934 Ecoboost V6 Hot Rod – if that engine had one unit of horsepower for every time “replacement” and “displacement” were used in the same sentence, it wouldn’t be street legal. Fortunately, the hot rod itself was just impressive enough to compensate for any minor annoyances presented by the PR department and by the time you finish the virtual walk-around, all will be completely forgiven.

1934 Ford EcoBoost V6 Hot Rod at SEMA 2009 (Hearty thanks to MPGomatic for sharing the vid)

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