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32 Hours 7 Minutes: The Real Story

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Alex Roy M5

He’s gone from New York to L.A. in 31 hours, 4 minutes in a BMW M5. Has participated in just about every modern outlaw road rally on the planet Earth, and is one of the hosts on Youtube’s award winning DRIVE Network. He’s Alex Roy and he’s just been screwed out of what is perhaps the greatest modern road documentary never told.

32 hours 7 minutes is a documentary film on the legacy of the U.S. Express – once known as the Cannonball Run – and the controversy shrouding the incredible secret behind the record time set on the last such illegal race nearly a quarter century ago. – Source: 32hours7minutes.com

Jalopnik.com has recently reported how Roy’s production partner Cory Welles has not only released a DVD only version of the film, but done so without Roy’s permission. Click the following link and see how the story unfolded.

Source: Jalopnik.com

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