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31 Minutes of BMW M3 Action.

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It’s true, this video does in fact contain almost 31 minutes of BMW M3 action, and for good reason. You see BMW put this video together to celebrate 25 years of their iconic sports sedan from the original E30 M3 all the way up to the present day E92. When originally launched back in 1986 the M3 ushered in an entirely new genre of automobile for the mainstream buying public, the import sports sedan. Sure there were cars before it like the 2002 and the BMW 320i, but none was so purpose built as the M3. Simply put, it was a hardcore sports sedan that was aimed directly at the true driving enthusiast. It was fast, handled great and had a presence all its own. There is no commentary present here, just a wonderfully shot documentary that gives the straight truth as to how the BMW M3 evolved over the last quarter century into one of the best cars the automotive world has ever seen.

Source: Youtube.com

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