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300+ Mustangs Cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway to raise money for Hospice

Posted in Auto Show, Fast Cars, Ford, Mustang, Travel by will bee | October 4th, 2007 | 3 Responses |

Mustang Cruise - Blueridge Parkway - Hospice

This past Saturday, September 29th,  the Blue Ridge Mustang Club of Asheville, NC held its 2nd Annual Pony Run for Hospice. Over 300 Mustangs met at the Biltmore Square Mall to ride for charity through the Blue Ridge Parkway. All variety of Mustangs from nearby states coming together for fellowship, fun and in the spirit of giving. Ofcourse as I stood ahead of the pack on the Parkway I could hear the real reason why Mustang owners can be such a spirited collective as the reverberations of all those throaty exhausts poured through the tunnel. Those 300+ Ponies rumbled on for miles through the Pisgah National Forest through which the Blue Ridge Parkway winds. For a view of some of those Ponies check out the Gallery at the end of this article. 

Before the Cruises 10am start time I bustled on ahead on the Parkway in my own ’03 Mustang Convertible to be in position to capture the Parade of Ponies. While none of the participants threw candy (probably best even though I could have used some gum or hard candy) they did put on a show. Revving their engines as they passed has become Mustang owners equivilant of the Jeep Wave (and if you have ever owned a Jeep Wrangler you know what I mean). 

Nearly every amalgamation of Mustang was present for the event. From the first convertibles and Shelby GT350 to the new Shelby GT500 and even an Eleanor was captured somewhere in the pack. There has been no mention of the amount of money raised for CarePartners Hospice, but with over 300 cars contributing $25 per I would say the Blue Ridge Mustang Club of Asheville did their good deed for the day.

To be a part of next years Pony Run or to see what other events the Blue Ridge Mustang Club of Asheville has in-store you can check out their open forum here. If you are not in the South East you may want to search for a Mustang Club in your area. Events like the Pony Run occur all over the United States at different times of the year.

Immediately following the Pony Run for Hospice through the Blue Ridge Parkway was the Car Show at the Biltmore Square Mall.  …But that is for another article. For now, enjoy the Gallery of some of the Mustangs from the Cruise down below.


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3 Responses

  1. trish says:

    cool pictures, very happy to see my car.

    mine is the siver gt convertible with two goobers waving at the camera.


  2. will bee says:

    very glad we were able to catch you, trish. …Goober wave and all!

    it was an awesome sight seeing all those Ponies coming through the tunnell on the Parkway. we will absolutely look forward to covering next years event… especially since I now know where the Biltmore Square Mall is.


    I have attended two years of the Cruise in Asheville. My sincere thanks to the organizers and the Blue Ridge Mustang group. I had a great time and enjoyed every minute.
    This year, 2009, I told all my friends about the cruise and they came from New Jersey for the weekend. Good friends and driving your Mustang. What could be better? We also traveled to the “Tail of the Dragon”, Highway 129 in NC, and finished the weekend driving the curves in the Dragon. We all had a great time. We had 6 Mustangs for the event. We also went to the 45th anniversary of the Mustang at the racetrack.
    We will all attend the show this year at the Biltmore House and look forward to the picture of my car in front of the Biltmore House. “No Charles, Not the Rolls, Not the Bentley,…..Bring the Mustang.”
    Made in America by American people. When you hit the brakes they stop. The 50th Anniversary coming up soon. See y’all there. Frederick Stann