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Can-Am M1C Replica Puts a Full-Bore McLaren Racer Within Reach

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Hopefully you’ve heard of the Can-Am racing series of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, which was one of the final bastions of seemingly no-limits racecar engineering (the other being Gruppe B rally). Very few rules constrained the Can-Am racers, and so quite often they were fitting with nutty experimental technology – like the Chapparal “fan car” with its snowblower-engine-powered sucker fans – but more often than not, these cars were just giant highly tuned engines situated in minimal but aerodynamic chassis. Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme, both Kiwi racers, decided to build their own car to challenge the series, and the result was the McLaren M1C. The first in a long line of McLaren cars, the M1C was competitive late ‘60s . A German company (LMP Engineering) is now offering replicas of the car as the “Can-Am M1C,” which puts this wedge-shaped shot of high-test LUST in the hands of folks who couldn’t normally afford one of the rare original cars. Check out the gallery after the jump for more.

A full tube frame cradled a stressed-member 355 cid smallblock which was pumping out 500 horsepower in race trim, suckling on four IDA carburetors, and basically sounding like the end of the world. (Most Can-Am cars of the era have this sort of apocalyptic drone to them – if you ever get a chance to see the cars run in anger, do so.) LMP says:

”Like the original Mc Laren M1C the Can Am M1 C build by LMP Engineering employed a steel spaceframe chassis with light alloy sheet riveted and bonded to it, forming undertray and bulkheads . The overall objective for LMP Engineering to build the CAN AM M1C was to demonstrate the potentials of 3D-CAD hybrid modeling software techniques in combination with CAD/CAM production technologies such as 3D-Tube Laser cutting and bending, 3D-Machining, Surface Scanning and Recreation. LMP Engineering benefits from a wide range of automotive companies in Munich, Germany, specialsed in prototyping, body design and molding, surface modeling, etc.. All components not manufactured feature new, high end parts from quality suppliers. Every detail of the car is assembled with passion and dedication to perfection. On special request LMP Engineering will produce another car for interested fans of the CAN AM racing series.”

Check out their website at the link below.

[Source: LMP Engineering]

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