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265 mph at Bonneville on a modded Honda CBR1000RR

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Al Lamb 265 mph CBR 1000RR

The Bugatti Veyron has a top speed of over 260 mph, cost almost 2-million dollars and is one of the most technically advanced machines ever created for public purchase. It also has 2 doors, enough airbags to create a marshmallow, and electronics that make sure you don’t kill yourself if you get stupid with the go-pedal. Back in September pilot Al Lamb decided to forgo safety features, ditch two wheels and run a modified Honda CBR1000RR on the Bonneville Salt Flats to an amazing top speed of 265.454 mph. So, for those of you who think going 200 + mph in a car is impressive, watch the following video and prepare to have the meaning of impressive redefined.

Source: Vimeo.com

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