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2013 Tesla Model S Video: LA to Vegas the hard way

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2013 Tesla Model S

Patience, understanding and expectations. That’s what it’s going to take for you to go out and purchase an electric car. Recently the guys from Kelly Blue Book got their hands on a 2013 Tesla Model S and decided to take it on a trip from L.A. to Las Vegas. In theory this trip should have gone off without a hitch, however due to a nail in the tire, some large hills and the fact that Tesla’s supercharging stations are few and far between, their journey was extended at bit. There is no doubt in my mind that electric cars are here to stay, and I applaud Tesla for being at the forefront of this technology. However before you go and plunk down your hard earned greenbacks make sure you set realistic expectations so as to make sure that an electric car is truly for you.

Source: Youtube.com

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