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2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6 Ecoboost: Ridelust Review

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2013 Ford Fusion SE

PRO’s: Stunning styling, beautiful interior, sporty chassis with confidence inspiring road manners.

CON’s: 1.6-liter Ecoboost is a bit underpowered, SYNC is still annoying, do we really need park assist technology?

FINAL THOUGHT: The beauty of the new 2013 Ford Fusion is that depending on how it’s optioned out, it can truly be a car that anyone would be proud to own. It offers good value, fuel economy and interior room, along with the best styling in the business.

So here you have it, the newly redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion. It’s got all new sheet metal, no less than four different engine options (including a hybrid model), a stylish new interior, and pricing that ranges from $23,700.00 all the way up to $40K depending on the model and options. The Fusion has gained a reputation for offering up good reliability and fuel economy, with an image that never makes one feel like they’re driving around in some cookie cutter sedan.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

For 2013 the Fusion was completely redesigned by Chris Hamilton, the same guy responsible for all the new Aston Martin’s. And while at first glance you may see some similarities, you can rest assured that is pretty much where it ends. Ford knew the Fusion had to be sporty enough to set it apart from Honda and Toyota, and in doing so they’ve created a car that looks like nothing else in the mid-sized segment.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

This particular Fusion came equipped with Ford’s 1.6L I4 Ecoboost engine that produced 173 hp / 184 lb.ft of torque. This meant mileage ratings of 23 mpg city, 36 mpg hwy and a combined mileage of 28 mpg. Not bad by any means, but not much better than if you just opted for Ford’s standard 2.5L Duratec 16V I4, an engine that gives you very similar power and mpg ratings (22/34/26). Acceleration from the Ecoboost could simply be described as adequate.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

It’ll get you up, moving, and cruising at highway speeds with no problem, but don’t expect to win any stoplight drags with this thing. On the highway the Fusion’s front wheel drive system and 6-speed automatic transmission help lend to a wonderful ride that soaks up road imperfections with ease. It’s not overly cushy and offers just the right amount of comfort and sportiness letting you know that the chassis can handle much more than what lies under the hood.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

The electric power-assisted steering is nicely weighted and should appeal to just about everyone. Combine that with predictable handling manners that lean to the sporty side of driving and brakes that offer great feedback, and you’ve got a car that is a wonderful driver for anyone who is fortunate enough to get behind the wheel.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

Not everything about the Fusion is all sunshine and rose pedals though. For instance, for 2013, the Fusion comes equipped with “start/stop” technology, a system that literally shuts down the engine after the car comes to a stop for more than 3-seconds. Supposedly it saves fuel, but more importantly than that, it’s annoying as hell. Then there are all the different proximity warnings, such as blind spot and back-up detection sensors that, unless you disable them, will drive you nuts.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

Now don’t misconstrue my words for being negative (although they are a little bit), as the systems that Ford has installed work exactly as they should and will no doubt save many a parking lot fender bender. Personally, I like a car with as few bells and whistles as possible, so by the end of my week with the Fusion, I had all these options turned off.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

There is no question that the Fusions interior is a very nice place to be. Fit and finish are top notch helping it to exude an air of quality and comfort. The front seats while firm, could do with a bit more bolstering, and that big center console limits leg room for taller drivers. Rear seat room is plentiful, so seating four adults in the Fusion should never present a problem. Combine that with a trunk capacity of 16.0 cu. ft. and you’ve got a enough room to not only go away for a weekend, but stuff in as many groceries as you can handle.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

From an ergonomics standpoint the Fusion does a fine job of providing all its systems within arms reach of the driver, however I’m still not sold on Ford’s SYNC system. Does it work? Absolutely, however navigating through the various touch screens can prove arduous at times. If however you’re a fan of technology then you’ll know doubt be delighted as the SYNC system will let you play digital cowboy for hours.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

As mentioned, the 2013 Fusion starts off at around $23,700. However with options like Equipment Group 205A ($2,375.00) which offers up everything from heated seats and a 10-way power drivers seat, to the $1,000 Active Park Assist, the price can climb rapidly. Our tester came in at $30,975.00, however drop a few bells and whistles and you can get into a VERY nice car for well under $30k.

2013 Ford Fusion SE

The beauty of the new 2013 Ford Fusion is that depending on how it’s optioned, can truly be a car that anyone would be proud to own. It offers good value for your dollar, fuel economy and interior room, and the best styling in the business, thus making it VERY easy to recommend.

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2 Responses

  1. rildo says:

    Considering that you can’t spot any corner of your nowadays car from the drivers seat, you actually need parking assistance. If cars still would be built like the Chevy II or the Ford Falcon, you rather wouldn’t need that. My two cents on that topic. Rock on!

  2. Dave says:

    In defense of the 1.6 Eco boost. I don’t believe many fusion drivers will be concerned about wining a stop light race. My 1.6 Eco boost will set you back in your seat at any speed, and i’am satisfied with its performance.