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2012 Volkswagen Beetle Spy Shots!

Posted in Compact Cars, Concept Cars, General, Newsworthy, Spy Shots, Volkswagen by MrAngry | October 4th, 2010 | 7 Responses |

2012 VW Beetle Concept

This is what happens when a car company simply cannot leave well-enough alone. Back in 1998 Volkswagen redesigned the iconic Beetle. It was based on a concept car called aptly, the Concept One which debuted at the 1994 North American International Auto Show and was clearly a modernized version of the original. The car looked perfect and the buying public fell in love with it. As with anything else though a product has a certain life-cycle and after a wonderful 12 year run VW decided to take another crack at it. What you are seeing are the first pics of Volkswagens newly redesigned 2012 Beetle as brought to us by Autoblog.com, and to be honest I think the 1998 version looks a lot better.

1994 Concept One
1994 Concept One

Generally you get one shot at a redesign and if you get if right then you should rejoice because lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place. The new Beetle seems to be riding on a stretched wheelbase and incorporates a chopped roof line for a more aggressive look.

2012 VW Beetle Concept

The problem is I don’t really think it works to well as it is very difficult to incorporate a tough look and feel into a car that came from the dealer with a flower vase installed. I supposed we’ll have to wait just a bit longer to see the final version, but as it stands now it’s just not working for me.

Source: Autoblog.com

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7 Responses

  1. Set says:

    If they did a rear mounted V10 TDI, I think I’d love it. Otherwise, I’d have to pass on it.

  2. Will says:

    I love classic VW’s. I didn’t care a whole lot for the new Beetle but this one seems to be following the classic body lines a bit more. I like it and hope it’ll be put into production.

    I still wouldn’t buy one though. Unless like mentioned, the V10 TDI is in it, or if they have a Beetle R32.

  3. 98dsmgs says:

    reminds me of a british cab lol…r32 beetle would be sweet!

  4. Is it me? or it just looks the same! Little longer and noticeable roof changes, but in large, the car looks the same.

  5. eddie_454 says:

    what a shame – what are they thinking.the current one is interesting looking like it was designed by Ikea or something,hell it even won a momo art award,this one earns the stink butt ugly award, looks like a coupe version of the piece of crap PT cruzer.

  6. Mark says:

    What the heck happened !! The germans screwed up on this one. It doesn’t even look proportioned ,really ackward looking. I hope that isn’t the final look.

  7. blurider says:

    Sorry guys but I think all you naysayers are plain, damn nuts!
    Most just aren’t fans of and are unfamiliar with the classics designed by Dr Porsche!
    I have to agree with the writer that the (at least, the front view of the) ’94 concept car was very cool, with a lot of tasty little details and nice proportions but in case you never noticed, nobody ever manufactured that car! Also, take note – this IS NOT the car with the flower vase!
    The semi-circular shape is interesting conceptually but didn’t come out to be the perfect proportions and in the ‘real world’ it fairly screamed ‘manufacturing economies’ and/or ‘entry level’!
    True enough, they also seemed to be aiming at making it a ‘chick car’, eliminating roughly 50% of potential buyers! Guys like me – secure in their own sexuality – bought it but they were few and far between and didn’t mind hints and winks behind their backs! Young men who require and consider their cars an extension of their sexuality avoided it in droves!
    Now they introduce a car which clearly resembles the proportions and look of the classic Porsche 356 with a great range of power, fuel and fuel economy options – much more hunky and classic looking and all I can think is, ‘Damn I hope the ‘real’ car looks that good!’ and, ‘I hope they manage the Carrera, cabriolet look in the convertible’.
    I also hope they’ have the good sense to consider an optional, manual lift top or heavy duty mechanicals so one might put the top down and back up without a trip to the dealer for repairs!