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2012 Ram C/V Cargo Van: Now with video!

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2012 Ram CV Cargo Van

We recently brought you news of the new 2012 Ram C/V Cargo Van, a new mid-sized workhorse for small business owners. Based on Dodge’s Grand Caravan, the new C/V Cargo basically takes everything aft of the front seats and tosses it to the curb. It’s got blacked out windows, a total payload capacity of 1,800-lbs and up to 3,600 lbs of towing thanks to a 283 hp V6. Not bad for what basically started out life as a tricked out Mommy minivan. Until now there wasn’t any real video, but thanks to Mike Levine and Pickuptrucks.com all that’s changed. You can see that Ram has pimped out the interior of their show truck by setting up an array of shelving units and tool draws. I have to say though as a small business owner myself, all this does is make me think that Ram’s new C/V Cargo isn’t big enough. I’ll reserve my final judgment until I see it in person, but I have a feeling my final impression will be the same as what you’re reading here today. Click through for the video.

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