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2012 Infiniti M35 Hybrid Greenlighted for Production


Infiniti must be really excited about the new M, as they spent a lot of money developing an admittedly pretty cool virtual reveal, and now they’ve dropped the development dollars on creating the first-ever Infiniti hybrid car to spice up their mid-sized BMW 5-series fighter. The regular M goes on sale in spring of 2010, and this hybrid version should come out about a year later. Under the hood you can expect to find a version of that ubiquitous Nissan VQ 6-cylinder, coupled to a parallel hybrid system and putting power down through the rear wheels. The hybrid drive is an in-house design, so apparently they wiped the slate clean after borrowing Toyota technology for the Altima hybrid, and consists of a single electric motor paired with a twin clutch system (no, not a DSG unfortunately, the clutches simply mesh the gasoline and electric motors to the transmission). However, the new arrangement is allegedly smoother than the sometimes jerky gas-to-electric transition in other hybrids.


Also, unlike Lexus’ “electric supercharger” implementation of their hybrid system, where the motor is really just an efficient way to increase power, the Infiniti M hybrid should be able to move on its electric motor alone. Finally, Infiniti is utilizing some high-tech lithium-ion batteries employing a “lamination” technology that apparently enhances cooling and temperature stability … you know, so it doesn’t burst into flames or anything, as apparently li-ion batteries are wont to do. It’s maybe not as glamorous as the news of the FT-86 concept, but if the price, performance, and MPG numbers are good, this could be an interesting competitor to diesel BMWs and those aforementioned Lexus hybrids.

[Source: Infiniti]

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  1. syra says:

    Infiniti has just taken the veil on the 2012 M35 Hybrid, the first gasoline-electric hybrid car, but the luxury division of Nissan is already planning an expansion to other models. Automotive Industry News newspaper reported that Infiniti really want the technology through the Infiniti lineup. The company bills the performance of Hybrid M35 as power of a V8 with four-cylinder fuel economy levels that will be necessary for the division to hit the new government in charge of fuel economy laws. The M35 Hybrid uses a value of 3.5-liter V6 371 horsepower when equipped with the hybrid power pack, but offers a 60-90% improvement in fuel economy with its non-hybrid counterpart.