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2012 Ford Focus: A perfect little package?

Posted in Economy Cars, Ford, New Cars, Newsworthy by MrAngry | November 22nd, 2010 | 1 Response |

2012 Ford Focus

Hmm… maybe I should correct that title as the 2012 Ford Focus is far from little anymore. When the original Ford Focus was released back in 1999 it was a small 3-door hatchback that combined some edgy new age styling with good performance and fuel economy. Over the last 11 years the Focus has been one of those cars that has been cemented in the fabric of America’s roadways as consumers fell in love with Ford’s entry level car. We’re now on the verge of 2011 and with that brings a newly redesigned Ford Focus that will be launched as a 2012 model. While at the L.A. Autoshow I had a chance to sample Ford’s new Focus and to say I was just impressed would be an understatement.

2012 Ford Focus

The 2012 Ford Focus has grown not only in size but in stature as well. It’s bigger, more stylish, sportier and packed full of technology that is sure to make it a continued favorite amongst buyers. One look at the new Focus and you’ll notice that it still retains a shape similar to that of the original car that was introduced in 1999. The new softer lines give the Focus a new shape that is decidedly more refined while at the same time being sporty and attractive. The front of the car has a an aggressive front fascia complete with integrated fog lamps and a new grill, while the rear hatch and taillights have been integrated into the body lines in such a way that the Focus never loses its sculpted feel.

2012 Ford Focus

Even though the Focus is no longer Ford’s entry level car, it’s still one of the lower men on the totem pole. Ford is doing everything they can however to keep you from seeing that. The interior, for instance is nicely appointed with an easy to read analog dash and center stack that is complete with intuitive climate controls. The 2012 Ford Focus also comes packed full of technology that includes Ford’s new MyFord Touch technology. A system that, according to Ford’s website is, “A simple, intuitive eight-inch touch screen puts the controls at your fingertips for entertainment, communication, navigation and more. Many functions are voice-activated. Steering wheel-mounted controls let you use the system and keep your hands on the wheel. A display directly in front of you helps you focus on the road.”

2012 Ford Focus

What I really liked most about the Focus though was that it didn’t feel like a cheap car. Panel fitment, interior materials, seats and overall fit and finish were really top notch for a price minded automobile. The only thing that we’re missing out on now is the drive experience. HEY FORD!! If you’re listening, how about contacting us here at Ridelust.com and offering us a up a new press car. I have no doubt that the new 2012 Ford Focus is going to impress us, but until then we can go only on speculation. Pricing for the model ranges from $16,995 to $23,490.

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