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2012 Cadillac Escalade SLP 525 Supercharged

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Cadillac Escalade SLP

At over 6,000 lbs. the Cadillac Escalade is not what you would call “light on its feet”. In fact in stock form the big Caddy is a downright slug on anything but a pin-straight road. However after the guys at SLP got a hold of it, all of that changed. You see they’ve managed to make this big American Luxo-box, dare I say it… fast! It’ll sprint to 60 mph in under 6-seconds, run the 1/4 mile in 13.6 and pull .80 on the skid pad. People, those are great numbers for anything much less a 6,000 pound SUV. Granted it probably gets about 4 mpg when driven hard, but with those numbers who really cares. In my opinion this sucker is a big win both for Cadillac and the guys at SLP. Well done gentlemen, well done indeed.

Source: InsideLine.com

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  1. Set says:

    Talk about scoffing in the face of physics.