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2011 Toyota Sienna: A Swagger Wagon in XXL

Posted in Concept Cars, Cool Stuff, Custom, Toyota by MrAngry | November 22nd, 2010 | 3 Responses |

2011 Toyota Sienna

If you watch TV then you’ve no doubt seen the commercials for the new 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan, aka – “The Swagger Wagon”. The Sienna is a stylish family truckster that’s made to haul you and your family through the daily rigors of family life. Soccer practice, Costco and road trip vacations are what the Sienna was designed for and truth be told it does a damn fine job of handling everything that is thrown at it. Last week however, when I was attending the L.A. Auto Show I came upon this gem. It was a double XL-sized Sienna with the all the interior goodies to keep your kids happy for the short, or long haul.

2011 Toyota Sienna

The body was clad with an aggressive new front fascia with integrated fog lamps, while the rear end got treated to a dual quad-exhaust system, LED taillights and a nice rear wing that finished off the rear hatch. Then of course there is what was going on in the middle.

2011 Toyota Sienna

The Swagger Wagon was extended by a complete rear sliding door length, then the original interior was gutted and replaced with something out of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. A nice bench seat complete with integrated draw storage space was present as was a cooler, flat screen TV and adjacent facing captains chairs that allowed you to utilize the built in computer system.

2011 Toyota Sienna

Oh yeah, it also rode on big 20-inch pizza pie chrome wheels and utilized an airbag suspension. The Swagger Wagon would not be so much the dream of the owner, as it would be of the passengers it hauled around. It’s a fun design concept that may get people into showrooms, but at the end of the day, it’s still a minivan regardless of how much pimpin’ you throw at it.

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