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2011 Shelby GT350 Is Good News For Club Racers

Posted in Fast Cars, Ford, New Cars, Shelby Supercars by Kurt Ernst | May 8th, 2010 | 4 Responses |
2011 Shelby GT350

Photo: Shelby American

When the new Shelby GT350 was introduced last year, SCCA Club Racers let out a collective groan. The SCCA does not allow aftermarket supercharging or turbocharging to a factory motor, hence the supercharged GT350 was ineligible for SCCA competition. Shelby American is a big believer in the adage “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”, so they’ve announced a version of the GT350 that incorporates the original car’s suspension and braking upgrades, but leaves Ford’s 412 horsepower V8 untouched. The new car will be eligible for SCCA competition, and will even come in an automatic version for customers that prefer not to row their own gears.

The Shelby GT350 get a new front fascia, tail light trim, front splitter, rear deck lid fill and rear fascia. Ford Racing struts, sway bars and adjustable camber plates help dial in the handling, while six-piston front calipers and 14 inch rotors help with rapid deceleration. Customers can order a GT350 in any color combination they want, as long as it is white with Shelby Guardsman blue stripes. Want a one? You’ll need to ship your 2011 Mustang GT to Shelby American in Las Vegas, where the SCCA-approved, naturally aspirated conversion will set you back an additional $26,995. Don’t care about SCCA competition and want the full-meal-deal GT350 with the blower? That’ll be $33,995 plus your donor Mustang GT.

Source: Shelby Prepares Normally Aspirated, Automatic GT350

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4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    $34K ON TOP of the cost of the car? Holy shit…..

  2. Kurt says:

    Yeah, but at least that $34k buys you a blower. My “holy shit” was the $27k for brakes, suspension, bading and a few body panels.

  3. Dave says:

    You know what really gets me, is that for that $7K difference, you’re only getting up to 500hp from the GT’s base of 412. I’d spend less to get a diiferent blower that gives you more in return. Of course if you’re spending $34k in addition to the car, wqhat’s another grand or two anyways?

  4. Dave says:

    Also, the 350 costs more than the 500. wtf……