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2011 Scion iQ: An Aston Martin Cygnet With A $45,000 Rebate

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2011 Scion iQ

Like the Smart Fortwo, but need a backseat to haul around your teacup poodle? Want an Aston Martin Cygnet, but don’t already own an Aston Martin? Your worries are over, Mr. American Minicar Buyer – the Toyota IQ is coming stateside as the Scion iQ.

2011 Scion iQ

Unlike the Aston Martin Cygnet, you don’t need to “qualify” to buy one; they’ll take anyone’s cash. Also unlike the Aston Martin Cygnet, the Scion iQ won’t have a mid-line price of $60,000. Sure, you won’t get an Aston Martin badge (but feel free to pry one off the car of a Wall Street hedge fund manager) and you won’t be able to check the box for “baby whale penis leather”, but you’ll save yourself around $45,000, plus the cost of buying an Aston Martin to qualify for buying a Cygnet.

2011 Scion iQ

Toyota bills the iQ as the “world’s smallest four passenger vehicle”. Four passenger is a relative term, as there is virtually no room behind the driver’s seat for anyone not employed as the “world’s smallest human”; think of it as a “three extremely small passenger vehicle that will also hold a cat”. Since American’s don’t equate cars the size of a dishwasher with safety, Toyota is quick to point out that the Scion iQ has 10 airbags.

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